Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use Horse Truck Imports rather than a general import agent?

Because a standard import service manages cargo from one destination to another, and that’s it. They are not concerned with compliance or whether the horse truck is road worthy in New Zealand, their job is simply to get the vehicle from one shipping port to another.

What premium am I paying to contract Horse Truck Imports as specialists?

We are approximately NZ$1,500 more than a general import agent, but provide a far more comprehensive service. We liaise with the coach builder or vendor to ensure everything is done prior to shipping to ensure the process is as quick and seamless as possible this end.

Do you provide a search service for ready-built UK horse trucks?

Yes we can provide a search service to find your perfect horse truck, and should you proceed in purchasing it and recuiting us to manage the logistics, then that service is free. If you decide not to proceed, then our search services will be charged out at a flat fee of $250 plus gst.

Can I choose literally any UK horse truck and bring it into NZ?

Sadly no! There are limitations both with regards to vehicle age, dimensions, emissions, and the condition of the chassis. It must be Euro IV compliant, no wider than 2.55m (including all lashings and tie-downs) and be free of any surface rust

If we use Horse Truck Imports, must we stick to a preferred supplier list of UK coach builders?

Not at all – you can choose any supplier you like. If we have heard detrimental feedback relating to the coach builder or workmanship we will be totally honest and let you know, but it is your decision which coach builder you go with.

What are the standard payment terms when getting a UK horse truck built-to-order?

Each coach builder will have their own policy, but generally you would be expected to pay for the cab chassis in full (usually at cost) which they, or we, can source on your behalf based on your needs and budget. By purchasing the chassis you secure your build slot. Depending on the total purchase price and complexity of the build, you would between 4 and 10 part-payments throughout the build. All coach builders would expect the vehicle to be paid in full before it left their premises.

If we don’t have funds in the UK, can you help with foreign exchange?

Absolutely. HTI can assist with transfer of funds at preferential commercial exchange rates – due to the volume of funds we move, we get between 1% – 1.5% of the live rate which is far better than any high street bank will offer. This saving can often cover the majority of our logistics fee! We can also arrange a forward order if you want to lock in a rate for the duration of the build, therefore only paying as and when you receive a part-build invoice, enabling you to budget without the rate fluctuating. You pay us and we pay the coach builder, no commission required. Again one less thing for you to worry about.

What if I find a horse truck that is already built and being sold privately in the UK?

It’s a bit harder to manage a private sale (than a truck being on-sold by a reputable builder) but it’s all doable. We have come across a lot of scams and know what to look for to determine a genuine sale. We also have people on the ground in the UK who can carry out a pre-purchase inspection, depending on where the horse truck is located.

Do we need to pay VAT in the UK (equivalent to GST)?

If the vehicle is second hand and being sold privately (by a private individual rather than in a company name) then it is unlikely that the VAT is recoverable, and you would still have to pay GST upon it landing here. If the vehicle is being sold by a commercial entity then the VAT will be zero-rated for export. GST here is calculated on the invoiced amount, plus marine insurance, plus shipping, 15% thereof.

I have been warned about rust issues on the underside of UK chassis. Is there anything to be concerned about?

Most chassis both here and in UK will have some surface rust, because of moisture on the roads. In certain parts of the UK they use salt to combat icy condition, and this can create a higher level of surface rust. Compliance here are very strict on this, and we advise suppliers to be proactive in prepping the chassis thoroughly before build. If the horse truck is already built, you would need to ensure that there is no pitting on the underside and that any visual rust is removed, either done in the UK or here in NZ prior to compliance. We have good contacts here who can carry out the job at competitive rates. If rust is very prevalent then you are better off finding an alternative horse truck.

Realistically, how easy is it to import a UK truck to NZ?

On average, there are about 20 processes to go through. Without any prior knowledge of importing, it’s a nightmare! With some import knowledge unrelated to automotive, it’s hard. With knowledge of importing cars to NZ, it’s doable but you might still end up with a lovely truck that is good for nothing other than being shipped back to the UK!
With HTI, we manage all the processes and any hurdles that arrise, making it a whole lot less stressful for you!