Our Horse Truck logistics fixed fee is the same for every vehicle, irrespective of size or value. At NZ$5,000 plus gst, our handling fee is approximately only $1,500 more than a standard shipping agent who just gets the vehicle on and off the ship. They don’t advise on conditions for import, or assist with compliance, where as HTI manages the entire import process:

  • vehicle particulars ie width limitations, emission standards, common issues to be vigilant,
  • advantageous exchange rates at no charge,
  • guidelines for the coach builder to adhere to for NZ compliance,
  • arranging shipping and marine insurance,
  • delivery to port in the UK and delivery to compliance in NZ,
  • sourcing and handling all necessary paperwork for customs,
  • compliance and registration for New Zealand roads.
  • sourcing parts at cost for future use.

All costs are in addition to our fee, with our clients benefiting from our commercial rates which are passed on at cost, with a full and transparent paper trail.

Below is a broad indication of what you should add to the purchase price of a UK horse truck for all logistics (including HTI fee and on-road costs) in New Zealand:

  • 2stall horse van – NZ $18,000 plus gst (cost to uprate GVM is extra)
  • 3stall horse truck with living on a 5t-12tonne chassis – NZ $25,000 plus gst
  • 4stall horse truck with living on a 12t -15tonne chassis – NZ $27,000 plus gst
  • 5 + stall horse truck with living on a 18t + chassis – NZ $29,000upwards

Once Horse Truck Imports have been contracted to handle the logistics for your horse truck, we will provide a full itemized costing, and throughout the process we forward all invoices to maintain a transparent paper trail.

50% of the HTI logistics service fee ($2,500 plus gst) is payable upon contract, and the remaining 50% upon providing proof of shipping to New Zealand. Because you are buying your horse truck directly from the coach builder or vendor, HTI are not importers but purely a logistical service provider and therefore any post-purchase warranties or issues are the responsibility of the coach builder. We also take no responsibility for your purchase, although once again, we aim to equip you with all the necessary information to make an informed choice. We encourage direct contact with the coach builder when getting a horse truck built-to-order, to ensure you get exactly what you want and nothing is lost in 3rd party translation.